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The Yellow Cab Taxi

Become a Driver

California Yellow Cab has opportunities for Independent Contractor drivers!

If you seek the freedom to set your own hours and work with the general public, why not consider driving a cab?

California Yellow Cab drivers are licensed to work throughout Orange County and can even work in the City of Anaheim and at John Wayne Airport and make a good living! If you're even more entrepreneurial, you can purchase your own cab and make even more money, or even purchase multiple cabs and start your own "sub-fleet", all with no-interest payments available.

To begin, you must first possess a valid California Drivers License (Class C, B or A) and have maintained a good driving record. An Orange County Taxi Administration Program driver permit is also required and you will need to successfully pass a Department of Justice background check, as well as both initial and random drug and alcohol screenings.

While an average driver makes between $30,000 and $36,000 per year, how much you earn being a cab driver is entirely up to you. If you're always the safest, most courteous and service-oriented driver on the road, you will always have work, and you will always make the most money!

If you would like more information regarding this opportunity, please contact us at (714) 427-2555 ext 112.

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