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Base Fee $4.50
Cost Per Mile $3.20
John Wayne Airport Surcharge
(Applies to airport pickups & drop-offs)

Only if in traffic or cab waiting:

Per 40 Secs

Per Hour



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Laguna Beach Travel Guide


Laguna is a small city by the sea in Orange County that just so happens to be one of the most toursited places as well. Many come to Laguna for it’s one of a kind coastal views and beautiful scenery.


Popular Destinations:

Laguna State Beach

Laguna State Beach is heart of Laguna Beach. Laguna State Beach runs along Ocean Avenue, which is essentially Laguna”s downtown area. People flock to Laguna Beach for the pampered beach areas, restaurants, retail shops and art galleries.


Top of The World

The Top of World is located at the upper part of the Laguna Canyon, overlooking Laguna State Beach. The top of the world is a park with plenty of parking and places to relax to take in the panoramic view of Laguna Beach.


Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is a hidden gem of Laguna Beach that a lot of visitors to not know about. The beach has gained popularity from its famed pirate tower that was built into the cliffside. Many people come to Victoria Beach to see this architectural wonder.


1000 Steps Beach

1000 Steps Beach is not named so because it has exactly 1000 steps leading to the beach, but it does have a lot. This beach has gained popularity from its natural salt water tide pools that are deep enough to swim in during low tide.


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